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   Indian Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IBCH),promotes therapeutic benefits of Hypnotherapy(usage and potential) among the masses. IBCH has set arduous requirements for certification so that Hospitals, Counselling agencies, Clinics, Rehabilitation centres and Customers can be rest assured that they are receiving qualified and dependable practitioner when employing an IBCH certified Member/ Associate/Fellow.

     IBCH affiliated institutions offer extensive curriculum in theory and practise Hypnotherapy with focus on practical applications. All affiliated institutions qualify IBCH’s stringent stricture so that best is delivered to all  associated.

   Hypnotherapy has found a place in alternate medicine, psychology, entertainment and even dentistry. The benefits are significant and evident in self-improvement, curing ailments at physical and emotional platform, controlling weight, past life regression and anaesthetic benefits during surgery.

     Hypnotherapy- a science and a divine art of healing was initially known to a few in east before it was formal accepted in West as a modern therapeutic modality. Popularly known as YOG NIDRA among many cult and has its roots to Atharvaveda, Charak Sanhita. Rajyoga. Hypnotherapy is non-invasive and usually non-analytical.

   The practise of Hypnotherapy as a therapeutic modality is approved by British Medical Association and American Medical Association.
Indian Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy:
    IBCH is an association/body of Institutions/Schools, Qualified Practicing Hypnotherapist and likeminded individuals with interested in pursuing/contributing to the field of Hypnotherapy. IBCH research lends scientific evidence to the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist clients in accelerating their healing, controlling pain and facilitating improved recovery from medical treatments. Many people and wellness  professionals are looking for ways to incorporate Hypnotherapy in the holistic health plans they are offering. IBCH is a private body(not for profit organisation) with no governmental oversight, working towards spreading awareness about the curative benefits of Hypnotherapy thru education and other related activities. IBCH is committed to promote the practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, a field that has long been misrepresented by the media makes hypnotherapy seem unapproachable to many patients and healthcare providers.

Mr. Nitin Shah is our Newly appointed CEO for IBCH

He is a trainer Educator a therapist and a life coach. He is also a motivational and inspirational speaker who not only helps people become aware of how life is simple but also walks his talk. 

IBCH exists to demonstrate high level of professional competency, training, and ethics, so that healthcare/Wellness providers and their clients can make use of the power of the subconscious mind with the guidance and support of IBCH members.
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Disclaimer: Please note that Indian Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy neither guarantees the effectiveness of treatment in individual cases nor accepts any liability whatsoever for IBCH Members or Accredited Training Providers who fail to conform to the IBCH Code of Ethics & Practice Agreement. All concerned are recommended to conduct their own independent enquiry before entering into any kind of contracts.